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Progressive Web App

Unlike other, Website Designing Company India- Web Centexus believes in providing amazing web solutions to the users. To ensure this, we rely heavily on cutting age technology. We are not just designing & developing webs, instead we are creating Progressive Web Apps.
Progressive Web App is a novel web development technology which provides your users the same experience in browsing web on mobile as that of mobile app. This is quite similar to Web Application Programming Interface which supports web as well as app environment.

Progressive Web App works on rich technologies like json script and service workers. These two scripts help in converting your website into web app quite similar to web API. With this, the users get amazing web browsing experience with very swift loading speed, easy scrolling and some additional features which one finds in APP.

The service workers is an amazing technology which powers progressive web App with some unbelievable features. The most striking feature of this technology is that it supports offline functionality. Whether you are connected to internet or not, but you can use web. Not only this, there is much more like push notification, content updating, content cache, etc. The json enables fast loading speed.

Web Centexus is pioneer in the designing & development of Progressive Web App. With our innovative approach, we always strive hard to bring new technologies to surface. This time, we are not providing you just websites, we are offering you Web App. It is the right time for you to move from responsive websites to Web App. Your audience will get amazing browsing experience with this technology. Fast loading speed, push notification, automatic content updating and functionality even in case on no internet will surely take your business to next level. More importantly, the use of json and service workers will help you in getting an edge over your competitors. You should contact Web Centexus - Progressive Web App Development Company India, to get this web app at best suited packages.

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